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The double shaded shirt

Everything you should know about double shaded shirt GoodLuckwears is shirt manufacturer near me, but you already know this. What you may not know is the description of the term double shaded shirt. Hopefully, this guide will enlighten you.

What is a double shaded shirt?

The double shaded shirt is the opposite of the t shirt, which is usually a boring shirt that you tuck in your pants and wear under a blazer when you’re going to work. On the contrary, the double shaded shirt is more versatile: you can tuck it in your pants or not, and wear it at work or during week-ends. Finally, it’s a real travel buddy for the modern man.(from shirt manufacturer near me) There are various fashion choices making the double shaded shirt more versatile that its formal cousin:


The double shaded shirt is by essence more relaxed, and the finish of the shirt reminds us of that. Cuffs and shirt-tails are curved for a more informal attitude. The stitching of the buttonhole is also visible, to give a less precious finish. Moreover, the collar is suppler and has more shape options (button-down collar, club collar, band-collar, Italian collar, classic collar)(by shirt manufacturer near me).


double shaded shirt offer a bigger variety of textures from shirt manufacturer near me: chambray, oxford, poplin… the list goes on! Patterns and prints are more daring as well, and contribute to putting the spotlight on the originality of those who wear them.


Fit is fundamental on a double shaded shirt: it has to be fitted to highlight your shoulder span while leaving you enough comfort to wear a t-shirt underneath, for example. Finally, the casual shirt puts the spotlight on you while giving you the ease you deserve.


The double shaded shirt is shorter, because it has to be worn outside the pants. But if you prefer to tuck it in, it has to have enough length to do so. The ultimate versatile clothing!
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